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As a Composer

As a composer, Heather Paredez has been exposed to a variety of cultures that have influenced her compositional styles immensely in her music. Paredez has been writing a variety of musical styles by incorporating Eastern and Western styles since 2018. Her personal preferred style is replete with unique scales, lush harmonies, rich instrumentations and varied genres. In 2019 her first movement of Volume 1: "East Meets West" was used for the "Utopia (Titanism)" dance performance at California State University Fullerton. In 2020 "Giulio" which was Paredez's first single was released and in 2021 immediately followed by her second single "Burrito" with both singles introduced globally. In 2020 Paredez released her debut album “Maestro Christmas Extravaganza”. 

In 2017 Paredez graduated from Fullerton College with her degree in music. In 2020 she graduated from California State University Fullerton with her BA in liberal studies and music. She plans to earn her master's at Berklee College of Music in film, movie and commercial scoring. 

Presently she is working on her second  album “Maestro’s Big Night Out!” Which will be release in February. In March she will be releasing ”East Meets West" 

Paredez currently working on her first mini movie titled "The Chase in Life". She is looking at releasing her first mini-series globally in September 2023.